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Parliament agrees to controversial passenger data deal

On 19th April, the European Parliament gave approved an agreement for the transfer of EU passenger data to the US authorities, registering votes of 409 in favour, 226 against and 33 abstentions. [1]

According to the EU, PNR (Passenger Name Record) data are collected by air carriers during the reservation process and include information provided by passengers such as travel dates and itinerary, ticket information, contact details, travel agent, payment information, seat number and baggage information. [2] Supporters argue that this information will prove massively important in fighting terrorism and preventing international crime, but as represented in the voting figures, some MEPS were not so sure. Critics say that the process infringes civil liberties and even Sophie In t’Veld, a rapporteur who worked on the proposals, voted against the bill over concerns relating to data protection. [3]

Photo : Airplane by xlibber on flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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