Single Market Month is here !

On 23rd September, Single Market Month 2013 began, an initiative promoted by the European Commission which aims to put European citizens and businesses in touch with the politics, rights and opportunities connected with the EU’s single market. This year the event will take on a new form : a month of online debates in the 24 languages of the EU.

There will be four discussion forums, divided up according to subject : looking for work, setting up a business and recognition of professional qualifications in Europe ; social rights in the European single market ; Europe, banks and citizens ; e-commerce and online communication.

The aim is to gather information and to better understand what works and what needs to change. The online forums will be used to truly reach out to all European citizens, from all corners of the Union, overcoming linguistic barriers.

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Internal market and competition
“How could a problem limited to some banks spread so quickly, and have such dramatic consequences? A lack of understanding of the risks building (...)
This article sheds light upon a key issue for the European social model and economic recovery.

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In arrivo il Single Market Month


Roberta PICCHI

Roberta Picchi, laureata in editoria e giornalismo presso l’università Tor Vergata. Ha collaborato con il webmagazine West, Welfare, Society and Territory. Caporedattrice dell’Eurosblog « L’Europa @ Tor Vergata (...)


Kirsty Walter

Kirsty is currently studying Italian and Spanish for a BA Modern Languages and Cultures at Durham University where her interests and pastimes vary immeasurably, undertaking music, sport and anything else she can be actively involved in. Her (...)
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